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Erasmus + ECCE

Erasmus + ECCE

The European Certificate in Community Enterprise (ECCE) is a new European-level vocational qualification being developed by partners from UK, France, Spain, Sweden and Romania. During the life of the project they will combine their knowledge and experience to create a relevant, flexible and needs-driven qualification to specifically support growth across Europe's Social Economy. ECCE also sets up a new Learning Network as a way of disseminating and mainstreaming ECCE and its specialist toolkit.

Berlín, Alemania

Hamburgo, Alemania

Bruselas, Bélgica

Londres, Reino Unido

Madrid, España

París, Francia

Roma, Italia

Estocolmo, Suecia

Saint-Clémentin, Francia

Vitoria, España

Cochabamba, Bolivia

Venezia, Venecia, Italia

Torino, Turín, Italia

Agen, Francia

Monza, Monza y Brianza, Italia

Kent, Reino Unido

Gante, Bélgica

Lisieux, Francia

Argentan, Francia

Boloña, Bolonia, Italia

Lyon, Francia

Caen, Francia

Padua, Italia